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Why should you use The Paramount for your digital marketing services?

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Benefits of Working with The Paramount

We are proud to represent medical practices such as cosmetic surgery, including surgical and nonsurgical practices, wellness centers, and medical spas. Here are some of the ways that working with the paramount will benefit your medical practice. Three of the most popular marketing technologies used by the healthcare industry today are: paid search (such as Google Ads), call tracking, and content marketing. The Paramount uses all these of these tactics, while making sure to abide by the medical industries strict policy requirements.

HIPAA Compliance

Rest easy knowing that all of our web-forms are HIPAA compliant, and all information we collect is stored on HIPAA compliant servers. If you choose to use tracking phone numbers to measure ad success, those are also recorded in compliance with HIPAA practices with CallRail. We make sure your patients’ privacy is protected at all times, so you can continue to serve them with confidence.

Increase Your Patient Base

Our goal is to help you grow your practice and increase the number of patients you serve through effective marketing. We use specifically targeted ads rather than clicks and shares. We also create effective sales funnels to drive leads straight to you, helping you reach a greater number of patients who need your services.

If you are in the process of adding new surgical or non-surgical services to your existing medical practice, we can assist with onboarding, including creating campaigns targeting both new and existing patients. Our experienced graphic design department will create a stunning logo and supporting marketing material. Your website can be seamlessly integrated with new services, or we can create a completely new website for additional services. Many plastic surgeon’s open medical spas or wellness centers that require a separate website, but with similar look and feel for consistency in branding.

We track every ad and collect data on visits to your website so you can tell exactly how effective each dollar you spend on marketing has been. We believe marketing is an investment that should yield results directly back to your business.

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Custom Medical Website Design

All of the websites we build are developed with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind, so that your site ranks as highly as possible in search results relevant to your field, in your location. The more visible and accessible your website is, the easier it is for new patients to find you.

Our custom designed websites are responsive and mobile-friendly. Your medical website will be intuitive to navigate, making it convenient for your prospects and patients to find the information they need.

All of our websites include a blog with regular, researched posts on topics relevant to your specific area of practice. We have our own graphic designers on staff, and we make sure every page of your site looks inviting and elegant to optimize visitor-to-patient conversion.

Accountability and Transparency

You’ll always know exactly how well our ads are performing and exactly how many leads have been generated and converted when you work with us. We send weekly and monthly reports showing exactly how your campaigns performed, as well as recommendations for adjustments to your local search listing on Google My Business. You will always own all of your content on your website and have access to your Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager and Google Insights. These are the tools we use to track and analyze traffic. We encourage our clients to be active participants in the marketing process and will eagerly answer any questions or concerns you have during our partnership

CRM Software

One of the benefits of working with The Paramount is that we strive to use the software you already have at your practice to its fullest potential for marketing purposes. This includes most proprietary software. Whenever possible, rather than adding new software for you to learn, our staff will learn the tools you use and make sure all leads we generate, will integrate seamlessly into your existing systems. Most advanced CRMs include some form of email capture and lead tracking. We integrate your CRM’s built-in options into your website to get the most out of your existing software and make it easy for your staff to track.

Lead Generation

We will develop highly customized sales funnels targeting specific potential patients. The funnel is designed to lead the prospect to a landing page focused on their needs where we capture their name and email address. That information is then directed into crafted auto-responder emails which provide ongoing contact, relationship building, and remind them of benefits of using your practice.

Medical Marketing Analytics

Google Partner Agency

Google Partner

We are a Google Partner Agency and have staff members certified in Google Ads and Analytics. Both require advanced training and demonstration of expertise in developing and positioning online ads. We put that training to use to maximize the effectiveness of each ad we create specifically targeting the patients you want to reach. The Paramount has been managing digital marketing and Google ads for plastic surgeons for almost 10 years, making us very familiar with the industry. We understand the nature of the surgical and non-surgical procedures which makes us better able to recommend effective avenues for marketing.

Medical Marketing FAQs