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What is Google AdWords


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Pay per click advertising or PPC is fast becoming the most effective way for businesses to advertise on the internet. But we realize that for those who are just getting introduced to it, there may be a lot of questions. The Paramount, in Satellite Beach, is certified in both AdWords and Analytics. So here is the basic explanation in a nutshell.


Google AdWords explained:

AdWords is Google's online advertising program which allows your business to reach new customers and grow. The Paramount is certified to manage your AdWords campaigns. We will help you choose where your ads appear, help you set your budget, and then we will measure, and report on, the impact of your ads. Even though there is no minimum spending and you can stop or pause your campaign anytime, we will give you recommendations for ad spend based on industry information.


With Google AdWords, you can reach people as they search for words or phrases. These words or phrases are called "keywords" and we put a tremendous amount of time into researching these keywords for your industry. Your ads can appear both on Google and its partner websites. You are charged only when someone clicks on your ad, which is called your "cost-per-click." It is based on a bid system which includes other businesses advertising for the same keywords.

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Having your ad available to consumers
at the exact moment that they are searching, is the goal.

People who are searching for precisely the kinds of goods or services that you are offering, are more likely to take action when they see your ad.


You can choose the area in which your ad is shown; locally such as a neighborhood or town, state-wide or even globally! There are other options besides search ads to reach prospects. The Google Display Network (GDN) alone reaches 80% of Internet users in the US!

Google AdWords FAQs


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    You have complete control over your daily budget with AdWords. The cost per click is determined by a number of factors and is different for each key word depending on the auction. Every time a person searches Google, a behind-the-scenes auction is run to determine which ads show and what their rank will be. So typically, the more competitive the industry and key word, the higher the cost per click. Being in the number one ad spot doesn't always mean that you will get better results. We can help you with your company's strategy to get the most effective results.


    Even though you may start getting clicks as soon as the ad is show, the effectiveness of your campaign should improve over time as we dial in the high-performing and non-performing key words. The more data we collect on the performance of the campaign, the more we can adjust the contents and improve those results. We find the best results are found starting at 90 days.

  • Why should i use an agency?

    Anyone can create and manage their own Google AdWords campaign. However, being a certified Agency, we have the knowledge and experience to create the most effective ad possible. We will minimize the trial-and-error time that you might go through being new to this type of marketing. We get continuous training and have passed rigorous exams to make sure that we know every aspect of the advertising process. Your company's landing page, or web page which your ad goes to, is important to Google and we will make sure that the relevancy of that page matches the content of the ad to be sure that your quality score is high as possible, thereby reducing your cost per click. We will steer your company to getting the best possible results. Many of our clients have doubled the number of clicks to their campaign while cutting their cost-per-click in half after we have taken over their accounts.

  • why do i need a landing page to go with my ad?

    Google is interested in the best possible experience for the user. If your ad doesn't take the user to a relevant page, you will get a low quality score by Google and therefore usually pay a higher cost per click. This is a very simplified explanation. You have to think from the users perspective. If they clicked on your ad, would they find what they were expecting on your page and have a way to purchase the product or service that you are selling? The AdWords specialists at The Paramount Group make sure that that will happen. We check all the content and the user experience on the landing page, and make sure that the meta descriptions and page titles are relevant.


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