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Test Your Website for Speed and Mobile-Friendliness

Mobile friendly websites
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Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

These days, having a mobile-friendly website is critical. People simply won't put up with "pinching" to see all the parts and pieces of your website. Buttons and links can be hard to push and it's difficult to read sites that aren't mobile-friendly. 


Google changed it's ranking system in April of 2015. What does this mean for the ranking of your site? Google will list a mobile-friendly site above a non-mobile friendly site in mobile searches. 


Mobile searches have now surpassed desktop searches within Google. Check the analytics of your website to find out if more of your customers find you by looking on mobile devices versus desktop computers. If they do, then please be sure that you offer up a stellar mobile experience. If not, then they'll be looking on your competitor's website instead. 


Call us today if you want advice or assistance on making your website mobile-friendly.

Google has a test to see if your site is mobile-friendly. Just click the link below to find out. 

How Fast is Your Website?

Having a website that loads quickly is not only important for delivering a favorable experience to your visitors, but it can mean the difference between converting a pay-per-click ad or not. 


If you are running PPC ads, then you want to be sure that your website loads quickly, so that the visitor doesn't get tired of waiting for it to load, and leave. That means that you paid for a click and didn't even have a chance to convert it into a sale


Call us today so that we can assist your business in speeding up your website. There are many factors that can influence speed. There is the size of your images, whether or not they're optimized for the web, videos and even the theme that your website was designed on. There are many other factors as well. Some of which may not be obvious. 


Test your website speed with Google PageSpeed Insights below. You should test the desktop speed and the mobile website speed.