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Cruise Into Marketing
Cruise Into Marketing
Cruise Into Marketing

Shipboard Marketing Workshops

Our Cruise Into Marketing workshops are for businesses who have been through our Basic Training for Digital Marketing. Once you have completed the online training, you are encouraged to join us onboard one of our Cruise Into Marketing Events.

Our Marketing at Sea events will be planned with group rates, a cocktail reception, training only during days at sea, so you can your family can enjoy any shore excursions, and an opportunity for one-on-one consultations with our experts.

Host Your Annual Conference at Sea!

Why host your annual conference in a windowless building, when you could have it on a cruise ship!

With group rates, and no extra fees for conference rooms or meals, it’s an economical and fun alternative for your trade association or organization.

If your association would like us to plan an annual event at sea, we would be happy to do so. Our services include all travel plans, group rates, plus a marketing session by our experts for your members.

Please call our office for information.