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The Paramount
Digital Marketing System

Our Digital Marketing System is a carefully laid out plan designed to help your business capture, nurture and convert leads so you can grow! 

Our system is designed to be as easy as 1-2-3 GROW!

Step 1- Analysis

We will analyze the current climate in which your business is functioning. If you are a new business, we can help create a market research report for you. Part of our analysis requires an in-depth discussion with you and your key team members, to uncover your current marketing strategy and future goals.

Step 2 – Report and Strategy

Next, we will compile a detailed report which will include your customized marketing strategy and how to move forward. The report will included our analysis of your current methods and ways in which they can improved. It will cover your website, sales strategy, lead capture/nurture/conversions, pay-per-click advertising, social media, CRM software and Google tools. At this point, you can take the report and implement your digital marketing plan yourself. Or we can make it a turnkey system and take care of all of the design and execution so that you can run your business.

Step 3 – Implementation

If you choose to use The Paramount for the implementation of your new Digital Marketing Plan, we will provide you with a time-line and proposal for all the work needed to make your dream a reality. This can include website design, customized sales funnel with email marketing campaigns, lead capture with auto-responders, copywriting, branding, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, set-up of Google tools, and installation of complete CRM system.

Sales Funnel Strategy

Digital Marketing Services Designed to Grow Your Business

Business Growth Services

  • Business Consulting and Coaching: Are you feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities of running a business, managing a team and balancing your life?Our business coach Tim VanDerKamp assists business owners with finding their true path. Learn advanced techniques on time management and how to enjoy what you're doing!
  • Training Programs and Platforms: Do you spend a lot of time repeating your training to your new employees? 
    Randy Mauldin, our business strategist is military-trained in developing custom training programs. He will develop a video training program on a managed platform, saving you time and streamlining your system. You can feel confident that your custom-designed training program will offer consistent, trackable results.