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Business Development and Strategy

Business Development Team

How do you focus on growth while running a practice or business?

Let us focus for you.

Our business development experts have been coaching top executives at Law Firms and other high pressure industries for years. We bring clarity to situations that enable executives to stay on track. Keeping the goal in mind is key to a successful marketing campaign.

It's not about clicks, or likes, or traffic. It's about phone calls, form leads, and dollars. What gets you more clients and patients?

Business Development

Having a solid business development team is crucial to your business especially during the process of expanding services or increasing the number of customers, clients or patients you serve. We offer a number of programs specifically geared toward business development to help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently. Our goal is to see your business succeed, grow and prosper.

Business Assessments

One of the most valuable services we offer is a business assessment, in which we will review your business goals, your current marketing strategy, and company procedures that you are using to achieve those goals. This type of assessment typically takes a few days to a week, during which our consultants will evaluate your company processes, measure areas of strength and weakness, review financial processes and interview staff and leadership.

We will then create a final report including areas of concern and recommendations on how best to optimize efforts to improve and properly position your business to reach and exceed your goals.

Once we have presented our findings, we work with leadership to create a plan to implement solutions and streamline existing systems, preparing your business for manageable growth.

Our goal is to see your business succeed. We don’t believe in spending money on ineffective marketing. We strive to make your business as effective as possible, preparing you for the influx of business created by our digital marketing plan.

Business Development Services with The Paramount, Inc.

Executive Coaching

Quite often, the issues that a business faces are simply in the way they look at their problems. An effective executive coach has a way of changing the “view from your window.” The inability to overcome obstacles and the feeling of being lonely at the top, can cause a leader to become ineffective, therefore stagnating their team. Our executive coach Tim VanDerKamp assists CEOs and executive level leadership in seeing their issues in a different way, therefore enabling them to visualize creative solutions not previously considered. The clarity that an effective coach brings, can truly alter the course of a business and provide an effective path to prosperity.

Branding Services

In addition to our other business development services, we offer corporate branding services. From your company’s logo and website design, to marketing materials and printing, our award-winning designers can create whatever your business needs. We have graphic designers on staff, allowing us to coordinate all parts of your marketing strategy for a cohesive, consistent branding experience.

Having a website that is clean, sophisticated and easy to navigate is a must in today’s tech-savvy market. But making sure that it represents your brand with a consistent image is crucial for credibility.

Many businesses used to depend on referrals to grow their client base or reach a greater number of customers. Though businesses do continue to receive referrals, most consumers, even those who discovered the business through a referral, investigate that business online first. Potential customers visit your website or social media accounts, before they contact your business for services. 45% of consumers who investigate businesses online will not use their services if they find their website to be unprofessional. Don’t fall into that statistic. Call our office today to find out how our designers can give you a consistent, professionally-branded image.

Customized Training Programs

When you add services to your business, change procedures, or update software, it’s important to teach your staff how to use the new tools enabling your business to operate smoothly throughout the transition. We provide custom-developed training programs to help guide you and your staff through new tools and procedures so you can focus on your business priorities and affect a quick transition into the new products.

We can assist with onboarding new services, implementing new software, or simply updating staff procedures to meet new standards or streamline workflow. Our training modules are custom developed and are managed online, through easy-to-use portals which measure your team’s progress and report results to supervisors and company owners.

Lead Generation

Our marketing approach involves well-researched ads targeting specific individuals and groups who would most benefit from your services. We develop custom lead capture campaigns using focused sales funnels which guiding the prospect to a responsive landing page on your website. Once a prospect’s contact information is captured, we transition to a lead nurture campaign in which custom-written emails are automatically sent, building rapport with the prospect and developing trust. Effective lead nurturing can increase sales by 50% and reduce costs by 33% per lead.

Team going over lead generation campaigns

Business Development FAQs